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Celebrate St. Walpurgis

Celebrate the arrival of spring in Gränna and treat yourself to a St. Walpurgis Night Celebration with Hotel Amalias Hus's special offer.

Before evening's celebration and your dinner you can spend the afternoon with a good book in our garden, a glass of wine in our lounge or an inspiring walk along the cobbled streets of picturesque Gränna.

In the evening, at the top of Gränna mountain, the majestic bonfire is lit in front of a breathtaking sunset and panoramic view of lake Vättern. With you, you'll have your picnic basket prepared with blankets, chocolates and a half-bottle of sparkling wine to toast in the arrival of spring.

Enjoy a good night's sleep in your comfortable king och queen size bed and forget to set the alarm. When you feel rested our generous breakfast awaits.

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