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Our local friends



Our locally produced eggs come from The Hyltbring Brothers Farm that is located between Tranås and Aneby approximately 35km from Gränna. The business started in 2010 and is run by the three brothers in the Hyltbring family and currently has about 6,000 free-range chickens. The farm is operated with a conscious environmental thinking when it comes to heating and energy consumption. The hens have free access to water, grass and vegetable feed containing wheat, oats and soy. 

Where will you find these products at our hotel?We only use eggs from the Hyltbring Brothers in our cooking. You will find them at our breakfast, in our pastries and our bread.



Sara och Jimmy Lantz have since the year 2008  been breeding slaughter pigs on Visingsö Island. Their main focus is breeding prosperous animals through large boxes and free access to straw to activate the pigs and to prevent the abnormal behavior whereby a pig uses its teeth to bite, chew or orally manipulate another pigs's tail. 90% of the animals feed is organic and produced on the farm. Both the animal feed and thus the meat is 100% free from antibiotics, additives and preservatives.  

Where will you find these products at our hotel?

Visingsögrisen farm supplies us with products such as pork fillet, a selection of sausage that you can find on our breakfast buffet. We also buy Swedish Christmas Ham as well as minced pork that is used to make our meatballs. All pork that we use is exclusively delivered to us by Visingsögrisen.



Rudenstams Berries & Fruit is located in Skärstadalen along the eastern slopes of Vättern. Here, fruit has been cultivated since the 1930s and is certified according to IP SIGILL. IP stands for integrated production and is the green industry's quality assurance of the food chain from primary production to processing. This means, for example. that irrigation, fertilization and plant protection only takes place if and when needed. SIGILL covers the basic level of certification and also criteria that go beyond the laws and industry guidelines that apply in Sweden in the areas of food safety, animal care and environmental responsibility.

Where will you find these products at our hotel?

You can find Rudenstam's berries and fruits products in our non-alcoholic beverage selection. We are particularly proud to offer their white currant sparkling beverage that was served as pre-dinner drink at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm.



Bengtsgården is a family run farm and is located in Stigby on the southern part of Visingsö Island. At present, Bengtsgården is an organic meat producer with chickens and young cattle. In 2006, they also started up their cold-pressed rapeseed oil. They also produce wheat, flax and rye which together with the rapeseed oil are all KRAV-certified. The KRAV label shows that a product is produced on an organic basis with extra high requirements on animal care, health, social responsibility and climate impact.


Bengtsgården also offer freshly smoked fish such as perch, whitefish, salmon and char from lake Vättern.

Where will you find these products at our hotel?

We use Bengtsgården's cold-pressed rapeseed oil in our baking, in salads and as a condiment to bread in the restaurant. During summer months we also offer their delicious smoked fish from lake Vättern.



Ravelsmark's farm is located a few steps from Gränna. Their business includes cattle, cereal, berries and vegetable cultivation. They grow corn, dill, cabbage, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots and much more.

Where will you find these products at our hotel?

We buy raw materials such as tomatoes, various kinds of cabbage, pumpkin, asparagus, cucumbers, various kinds of root vegetables and berries from Ravelsmarks Gård. They can both be found on our breakfast buffet and as part of our restaurant evening menu.




In the small business located in the countryside, raspberries, strawberries and other fruits turn into jam, marmalade and jelly. Products that have been awarded medals at the Swedish Food Craft Championship and Great Taste Awards. Ladies Lindhag's delicacies is a family-owned company that constantly grows and expands but doesn't set aside the importance of small-scale handling of raw materials to maintain the best quality and good taste. They produce delicacies of various kinds without additives and preservatives and uses raw materials produced at their farm as far as it is possible. 

Where will you find these products at our hotel?

All of our jams, marmalades and jellies are exclusively bought from the Ladies Lindhag as we think their products are the best we ever tried when it comes to taste and quality!

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