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Meeting rooms


Oscar is the perfect place for boardroom meetings for management groups wanting a exclusive and private meeting place.

The conference room Oscar is beautifully situated in a magnificent 19th century building that will provide an impressive and elegant meeting environment. The sophisticated halls have high ceilings with crystal chandeliers, generous windows that maximize the inlet of light and beautiful tiled stoves handmade in the turn of the century.  


This conference room is facilitated with a Nespresso machine that you are free to use during your conference and has a generous balcony where you can take a break in the sun and gaze out over Vättern and Visingsö Island. Smaller group meeting rooms are available in direct connection to Oscar if some of you should need to converse in a separate and more private environment.


We also have a lounge, which can be booked as an additional room at no cost, where the afternoon can be completed in more informal forms. Why not round up the work day or start the evening with a good whiskey, cognac or a glass of champagne? 

Quick facts

• Max. capacity: 12 people

• Possibility of connecting group rooms 

• 65 inch flat screen TV with wireless connection

• Free WIFI in all areas

• Free access to coffee machine for espresso etc.

• AC

•  Hotel rooms available in direct connection to the conference room. 

The Lake Hall

The Lake Hall is suitable for both conferences and lectures as well as mingle parties and larger formal dinners.

The Lake Hall is our largest conference room located on the ground floor of in a turn-of-the-century property. It's maximum capacity is 40 people. If you are looking for a place to have a larger party or a formal dinner it also has a private bar and a large balcony with spectacular views over Lake Vättern and Visingsö Island - perfect fo a glas of Champagne in the sunset to start off the evening.


The Lake Hall is directly connected to three of our Classic Double Rooms, which is suitable for participants who need to stay near the meeting room e.g. lecturers, speakers or event managers who need to set up your meeting room with special material etc. In the same property, on the second floor, we have several meeting rooms if you should need to divide into smaller groups.

Quick facts

• Max. capacity: 40 people


Size: 60 m2


• Possibility of connecting group rooms


• Projector & canvas, sound system, whiteboard


• Free WiFi


• Free access to coffee machine for espresso etc.


• AC

• Balcony overlooking Vättern


• Three Double Classic rooms directly adjacent to the conference room

The Library

A meeting room for the smaller group who wants an intimate room with full equipment.

The library is a perfect meeting room for smaller groups up to 8 people. It is situated in an exclusive 19th century building with direct connection to a grand balcony which gives you the opportunity to confer outdoors during sunny days or enjoy a coffee in fresh air overlooking Lake Vättern and Visingsö Island.


In the library there is a Nespresso machine that you are free to use during your conference and you also have access to separate group rooms directly adjacent to the meeting room. 

Quick facts

• Max. capacity: 10 people

• 47 inch flat screen TV

• Whiteboard

• Free WiFI

• Free access to coffee machine for espresso etc.

• Balcony overlooking Lake Vättern

• Possibility of connecting group rooms

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