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Group Activities

Book an activity for your conference or group.

At Hotel Amalias Hus and in the county Gränna and Visingsö there are endless opportunities for activities of different character. We offer lightweight indoor activities as well as outdoor activities on the lake and surrounding forrests that will challenge and strengthen the group's team. And of course we have those that will get your guests feeling the good vibes to raise the atmosphere for the evening's dinner. 

Below you will find a selection of activities that we offer. Most activities last between 1-2h and are in close proximity to the hotel. For price and more information, please make a request when contacting us for quotation.


A comfortable and fun way to experience Visingsö Island is with the traditional horse-drawn "Remmalag" on the island's lush roads. An experience of Visingsö from a different and very near-nature perspective where we can arrange a picnic to enjoy somewhere in the shade.

boot Camp


Having a good laugh together is, as you know, a basic principle in all team building. Why not challenge your colleagues like in our popular pentathlon at Visingsö Island? Everyone can participate!


Boat trip on the canal

Experience the artist John Bauer's magic inspirational environment and the beautiful water lily-filled canals that connect the lakes Bunn, Ören and Kvarnsjöarna just above Gränna. The boats also have roof systems so that you can enjoy the ride even during rainy weather conditions.


Grenna Glass

A ice cream tasting at the local ice cream producer "Grenna Glass" means a lot of ice cream and exciting flavors! You also get to know why someone would choose to become a ice cream manufacturer in a cold country up north. Here you are challenged to list ingredients in each taste and the winner is the person with the most refined taste buds!


Bake Candy Canes

Amalia Eriksson baked the world's first peppermint candy cane in what today serves as Hotel Amalias Hus's restaurant kitchen. Try this unique craft together with the city's candy cane bakeries. You are divided into teams and compete against each other. We promise it's harder than you think!

Förberedelser Dough

Bake Swedish Crispbread

Welcome to the crispbread bakery at Brahegatan! Try the traditional Swedish craft to bake crispbread. Divided into groups you'll knead the dough roll, spur and bake the bread in the bakery's large oven. When finished, we will of course taste the newly baked crispbread with tasty condiments.

Skärmavbild 2018-04-24 kl. 23.49.13.png

Historical tour

Join us on a historic walk through the picturesque environment of Gränna and listen to the interesting stories of this old town. Learn more about the city's famous women who were long before their time. About the county Gränna and Visingsö, Count Per Brahe and Amalia Eriksson who baked the world's first candy cane.

Värm upp på stranden


Increased concentration, focus, 

mobility, enduring strength, balance and breathing. At Yoga you train many qualities at the same time. The feeling is calm but physical, meditative but energetic. Gather the group for a comfortable yoga session at the beginning or end of your work day.

Kajakpaddling på Sunrise

Kayaking on lake Vättern

Vättern is a special lake in many ways and you will experience this when you go kayaking. With crystal clear waters, twelve meters of visibility and an exciting bottom life, each tour becomes unique.


With a well-trained guide you and your group will have a guided tour along the beautiful shores of Visingsö Island.

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