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Our 14 Classic Double Rooms have King or Queen size continental beds with pillows and duvet covers with exclusive feather filling. Each room has a seating area and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. 

The rooms are all individually decorated and furnished in a contemporary 19th century Gustavian style, where the historical feel meets all the modern comforts of the conscious traveler. Every detail is carefully selected and our hope is that you will experience a sophisticated and warm milieu combined with the charm of historic characteristics.


Each room holds a high standard in the selection of materials and furnishings, all to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Commander Karlsson
Tailor Eriksson
The Röding Sisters
The Trophy Room
The Atelier
Toll Chamber
Count's Quarters
Restaurateur Levén
Merchant Karlsson
Magnus Ladulås
Idas kitchen
Amalias Chamber
Count Brahes Room
Maid Lovisa's Cabinet
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