Tourism in Gränna and Visingsö

Visit our beautiful shire of Gränna, lake Vättern and the island of Visingsö. Below you will find information about historic sites as well as acitivities that you can enjoy during your stay!
The small idyllic town of Gränna has a vibrant energy in the summertime!



Peppermint Candy Canes

The first red and white candy cane in the world was baked in Hotel Amalias Hus. Visit one of the local bakeries and see the artisanship of baking peppermint candy canes!

The Crisp Bread Bakery

Try a Swedish handicraft of how to bake Swedish crisp bread right here in Gränna!

The village of Röttle

visit the earliest foundations of Gränna in the village of Röttle with a mill from the 17th century and a beautiful waterfall.

Grenna Museum

Learn the story of S.A.Andrée - A man born in Gränna who flew to the North Pole in an air balloon and discover much more about the history of Gränna!

Visingsö Remmalag

discover The Island of Visingsö in the original way by horse and carriage. The drivers will take you on a historical ride through the islands beautiful nature and historical sites.

Kumlaby Kyrka

during the 17th century this church functioned as a local school where the tower was cut off to provide the pupils the opportunity of studying astronomy and making astronomical observations.

Visingsborg Herb Garden

a large herb garden with more than 800 different species with medical herbs as well as spcies and other plants.

Visingsö Oak-tree Forrest

already in the middle ages this forrest was prescribed by law to the Swedish Crown for future shipbuilding. It is a majestic and forrest, perfect for a mid day stroll.

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Created by Paula Wijk